About Us

We offer our services since 1981, with highly trained personnel and machines, tools and equipment to develop our activities in the fields of Industrial and Civil Building Services. Our main goals are responsibility, quality and safety, working hard to ensure the highest standards of customer service and satisfaction.

Construction and Services

Aqueducts, sewers, sewage treatment plants
In our workshops, located in the town of Berisso (La Plata, Buenos Aires) we manufacture metal structures, pipes, rolling sheets, sandblasted and painted. In-house equipment maintenance
Warehouse storage with 9-ton crane

Civil Works
Residential remodeling and construction
Asphalt paving for local, state, and federal entities

Oil & Gas
Oil and gas production facility operations & maintenance
Industrial facilities maintenance and repair

Dry dock and afloat ship repair services

High, medium and low voltage electricity network infrastructure
Street lighting and lighting columns
Transformer substations, overhead & underground power lines

CONINSA S.A. has appropriate personnel and equipment to work in remote or urban areas that may contain extreme terrain conditions or severe weather conditions.