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Port of La Plata

Port of La Plata

Breakwater access to Port of La Plata

Client: Consorcio de Gestión Puerto La Plata

Project: Retrofit of southeast breakwater

Completion Date: 01/2007

Amount: $ 4.701.990,00

Work required by the Province to provide the city port of La Plata with an access channel with sufficient depth for vessels of large size, year-round.

Given the characteristics of the Rio de la Plata's estuary, very significant sand movements occur in the riverbed, which made necessary continuous dredging. The breakwater construction prevents sand entering the canal system.

The work involved the construction of a 1,050 meters long breakwater composed of rocks of varying sizes, protected externally by "Core-Loc" concrete hexápods, plus a central road made of 1 meter-thick concrete blocks.

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